Elly Clutch Cosplay Samus Solo

I FUCKED myself as Zero Suit Samus! UNCENSORED PUSSY! There’s nothing, I love more than a good solo masturbation session… What makes it even better? a giant dildo being used for the first time.💦💋 I really wanted to make this video special for you, especially because I don’t do many dildo solo videos— I even ripped a hole in my crotch, just for you ;-) I got a brand new dildo in the mail yesterday, and I finally was able to work up the courage today to try it out for the first time! It’s by far at the deepest I’ve ever gotten a dildo inside of me- if you know me at all, dildos can be a huge challenge for me (Im a VERY tight girl) so I was super proud of myself, and I was able to stick it more than halfway in! I use a vibrator on myself the same time to get me to relax, I’m so tight that I really need to focus, but in the end it ended up feeling so delicious and good. I’m teasing you during the beginning of the video as well- lots and lots of dirty, talk, tempting you as I touch myself, I even time up my orgasm perfectly with a 10 second countdown. I’m begging you to cum at the same time as me!!


Onlyfans Elly Clutch Cosplay Samus Solo

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